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19 September 2005 @ 12:42 pm
So I got the rental car on Saturday morning.  Toyota Solara.  Interesting sporty car with probably just a little more kick when you hit the gas than is healthy.  Bigger car than I'm used to, but still in the category of "compact," so I'm not concerned.  Took it home, took it to Disneyland saturday night, and didn't touch it at all yesterday.

This morning, I got in to go to school.  Two things happened.  #1:  front passenger side tire starts making noise - it's obviously flat.  #2:  Check engine light goes on.

You know the day's gonna be a doozie when your RENTAL CAR craps out on you.

I don't have Hertz's number on me, so I call AAA to get the spare put on.  They advise I drive on it as little as possible, so instead of going to class and being 45 minutes late, I go to Hertz to switch vehicles and skip the first class of the day.  Hertz is very understanding, but there's a minor problem.  They don't have any compact cars.  Matter of fact, they don't have any cars.

I'm now driving a Kia van.  They said to call this afternoon to see if they have something I can switch to.  That'd be nice, since I'm responsible for the gas I use, and I'm driving to LA tonight...