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17 September 2005 @ 01:24 pm
They ain't making this easy.  
I used Quicken for many years.  Started in '88 on the Apple IIgs, eventually moved to the Windows version.  Quicken eventually made a product that was compatible with my PDA - I could enter transactions into the PDA as they happened, and when I synchronized the PDA with the computer, the data magically appeared in Quicken.  Made things very easy.

Years pass.

PDA went bad, as they tend to do, and I upgraded to the next model.  New OS on the PDA - Pocket Quicken isn't compatible.  They've moved to Palm OS only, and have no plans to make a new one for my system.  OKfine.  I'll go back to not having one on the PDA.  I continue using Quicken.  Never had a reason to convert to MS Money, and I'm used to this. 

Years pass.

MS Money makes an offer I can't refuse - the software's free with my computer, and they have a PocketPC version that's compatible with the PDA I use.  I convert easily (conversion tools come in the installation) and use it happily.  Same advantages as Pocket Quicken - enter transactions on the go, sync up when you get home and never have to keep receipts for that purpose.  The software isn't significantly different to use from Quicken, so I get used to it quickly, and get on with my life.

Years pass.  Now we're at current time.

PDA went bad, as they tend to do, and I upgraded to the next model.  New OS on the PDA -- and now the Pocket version of MS Money isn't compatible.  MS Money 2006 is available for purchase (I use 2004), but I have no way of knowing if it'll help --- particularly since the newest version of the Pocket version isn't available yet.  I know that Pocket Money '06 won't work with PC Money '04, but I'm not spending for the upgrade until I know it'll help.

I look around.  Pocket Quicken has wised up and finally made a PocketPC version.  I can't find any info on if it's compatible with my PDA OS, and I can't simply install the trial version to see for myself, since it REQUIRES the full version on your PC before it'll install.  I e-mail them, they say it is compatible.  OK fine, I'll convert back to Quicken.

Get a trial of the software, try to find the conversion tools.  As it turns out, the data converter is only available from their website.  OK, so I get it from the website.  Lengthy (particularly for someone with records back to '88) and ugly process to convert that won't convert all the information (like, for example, what's reconciled and what isn't), but that's OK.  I'll get to it on the weekend.

The process is as ugly as advertised, but I get through it.  No problem.  I load Quicken ----- and the data's screwed up as can be.  Only two accounts (out of about 64) converted, and those two have massive chunks of data missing.  Six months to two years worth of data per shot, followed by one to three transactions, followed by another gap.  I can't find any information as to why this might be happening.  The process involves putting reports from MS Money on your desktop, which the Quicken software then uses to make the data file -- I check the reports, and they're complete.  Like, 11.5MB worth of XML, TXT, and CSV files (1 file each) complete.  Like, the CSV file has 24277 lines of data complete.  So I'm back at the brick wall I keep running into.

Perhaps Pocket Money '06 will turn out to be compatible and years from now I'll laugh at all this.  But at the moment, I'm pretty dang frustrated.
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