Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Car's in the shop again.

Same electrical issue as a few weeks ago.  Except this time, they're actually taking it seriously.  Which means I'm in a rental car again as soon as I can get back to the dealership to pick it up.  Probably tomorrow.

Three other things they're doing while they're there.  First, they're making a couple key copies.  The security of having electrically coded keys that prevent the car from being stolen is dampened by the cost of reproducing them.  About $150 or so.  Bleagh.  Second, they're replacing the Toyota emblem from the front of the car, which somebody apparently decided would make a nice necklace or something, so they scraped it off my car with a key.  Thankfully, that one'll only set me back $30 or so.  And it was time for the 75,000 mile checkup, which is another $150 or so.

Hopefully the real problem, the electrical thing that the screen keeps beeping at me and turning off my cruise control for, is under the extended warranty.  I don't look forward to the bill if it's not....
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