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08 March 2002 @ 10:21 am
Strange Coincidence  
So at work, we've got some security cameras set up. This is less for
security, and more for a product demonstration. We sell this system.
They're accessable from the web (not that I know the address, mind you).
Fun stuff.

Anyway, we've got three cameras pointing at our parking lot, and two on the
other side of the building, pointing at the sidewalk and part of Ventura
Blvd. It's kinda neat - we have the ability to log in to our computer and
see who's parked behind us in the parking lot so we can ask them to move
THEN make final preparations to leave.

Well, yesterday there was a car accident on Ventura Blvd. A car was driving
on the wrong side of the street and slammed into another car head on. No
clue if there were fatalities, but the driver of the car at fault did leave
the scene in a hospital.

The weirdness is, we caught it in our computer. It's on CD now, and we're
waiting for the police to let us know if they need it as evidence. But we
were able to slow-mo it and clearly see that the car not at fault came to a
complete stop in trying to avoid as much damage as they could. They're
CLEARLY not at fault. And we did see the other car completely in the lane
with room to spare - on the wrong side of the double yellow.

It's a strange thing. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Good sameritan-y?
Proud of the product? Rubbernecking driver? No clue.