Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Honeymoon, Day 7 - the penultimate day

OK, it's not like we're flying back tomorrow. But 9:30am the following day we're in the towncar on the way to the airport, so I say that doesn't count.

Today, we obviously got a late start. Our breakfast, if you can call deli sandwiches at noonish a breakfast, was at Junior's, in the food concourse at Grand Central Station. I had pastrami on rye, Jen had .....something I can't remember right now. Hopefully we'll remember to proofread this before I post it, at which point maybe Jen will let you all know what she had. If not, then watch this space for a correction or addendum later on. Anyway, we split a piece of carrot-cake-cheesecake. And to give you an idea of the portions at this place (which advertises that they can deliver a cheesecake anywhere in the lower 48 states within 24 hours of an order), we probably got through 2/3 of the one slice. Knowing how much the two of us love cheesecake - and this was a good one - that should tell you something.

We got on the express subway to Times Square. Got to see two DVD Bootleggers get arrested on the way, which was kinda cool and kinda sucky -- if it'd happened two minutes later, I'd probably have crappy quality DVDs of The Brothers Grimm, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and who knows what else. Oh well - maybe they'll be back tomorrow. =)

First play of the day had a curtain time of 2:00 and ran without intermission, but it was worth it. Doubt - this year's Tony winner, complete with this year's Best Actress in a Play Tony winner Cherry Jones. Very powerful piece. I'm not sure I'd call it a pleasant experience - very dark subject matter handled very seriously and not really concluded - but definitely interesting and worthwhile.

After the show, we decided to take a bicycle ride from Times Square to Macy's. Five times the cost of a cab and much more life-threatening (although we got the idea of some of the advantages of motorcycles), but fun and worth doing ONCE.

4:00 marked the beginning of The Great Skull Search of 2005. We looked for the perfect bag for my stuff in Macy's (we browsed in about 7 of the 11 floors, then took the subway out of that neighborhood), in Little Italy, in Chinatown, and we finally picked up one that will work for me in The Village. By the time we finished, it was time to get ready for the next play, so we hopped a cab back to the Times Square area, got some kabobs to hold our tummies in check, got in line, and saw The Pillowman.

The Pillowman was considerably darker than Doubt. It's an interesting note that of the three plays we saw while in town, Virginia Woolf was the lightest and cheeriest. Anyway, Pillowman was a bit surreal, very dark, had some intensely funny sections, and was a lot of fun. If you're in town between now and September 13 when it closes, I'd highly recommend seeing it. Amazing show.

Not one photo taken today. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Probably good, since this was our day of wearing t-shirts instead of business casual-esque stuff.

So tomorrow is our last full day of honeymooning. We've got one show planned in the afternoon (although we're expecting more laughs than wows out of it - Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit should be a fun way to end the trip with regards to our New York theatre experience), and a romantic dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town (the concierge called us last night and confirmed we had reservations - lord knows how that happened; we were told on one of the tour busses yesterday that the Saturday evening waiting list for it is about a month long. Hooray for Sundays, I guess...). Packing for our midday flight on Monday is probably in order too -- we came with fairly packed suitcases and have purchased quite a few souvenirs from the shows, so that'll be a fun three-dimensional puzzle. No clue what else the day will bring, but you'll here about it here first. G'night!
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