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03 September 2005 @ 10:50 am
Honeymoon, Day 6  
Today was a day for being all touristy. We got ready for the day, put on sunscreen, and started off the day with breakfast at Pershing Square, across the street from Grand Central Station. Pershing Square describes themselves as having both the best breakfast in NYC, and the best pancakes in NYC. So naturally, I had the french toast. Jen had blueberry pancakes. We were both quite satisfied, and it was time for an adventure - subway ride #1!

A word of advice about getting on the subway at GCS. There are, like, NO maps to be found anywhere. So it was interesting to find out where the heck we were going. We eventually figured it out and were on our way. The subway was crowded, but not nearly as dirty or scary as expected. A few stops down the line and we were at the Battery.

On the trip, Jen accidentally broke her sunglasses. Not a significant event, but worth noting, because there were street vendors offering shades out of suitcases - but they were scary people, so we didn't buy from them. So we squinted a lot yesterday.

Anyway, we got on the ferry for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Here's a summary of our trips to each: We came, we saw, we left. Different reasons, though -- Liberty was just not significant to us. I mean, we recognize it for all it symbolizes and all that, but it's just a big statue. We got a couple of pictures to prove we were there (I didn't realize she was in the process of walking -- her right foot is in toe-off) and got on the ferry for Ellis Island. Ellis had a very strange energy - everywhere we went, the place felt far thicker with people than it was. I understand why, but it was very oppressive. We got out of there without looking anybody up and headed back to Manhattan.

We arrived in time to take the Brooklyn loop of the tour bus. Turned out to be merely OK -- the tour guide wasn't very good. The good news was that it was the day's penultimatge Brooklyn loop, so that when it ended we got an express trip to Times Square, where we had enough time to grab a hot dog each and board the day's penultimate uptown loop. THAT was a very interesting loop, which took us past most of Central Park and allowed us to see parts of it we hadn't seen (among other things). A couple more hours and we got back in time for dinner.

Dinner was at Roxy's deli -- whose menu was remarkably similar to Maxie's Deli, where we had lunch a few days ago. Jen had a mushroom omlette, I had a tuna melt. Both of us left a third of our meals - which is pretty amazing considering how hungry we were before we started. Dessert was a caramel apple cider and rice krispy treat from Starbucks, and we got onto the Night Loop tour. Very pretty with all the lights, and by far the best bus tour guide we've had.

A walk back to the hotel, and straight to bed. We were too tired to even post last night. Not a big day, but big enough. Plus, we had the advantage of sunburns! =)

Two plays today. And Jen wanted to hit Macy's - which we may or may not have time for. Especially since she refuses to get out of bed until Milk Money finishes (it's on USA). We'll see.....
egheaumaen on September 3rd, 2005 03:41 pm (UTC)
Interesting trivia fact: The Statue of Liberty used to stand with both feet planted firmly on the ground. But then she saw "Ghostbusters 2..."
DragonPookiedragonpookie on September 3rd, 2005 07:57 pm (UTC)
I can believe....
...Not being impressed with The Liberty Statue. I mean... even been to the Grand Canyon? You stand there thinking Am I really looking at a backdrop? That and we make a big deal in this country about some frenchie's little sister?

...that you may or may not have time for Macy's on a day where you've got two plays to see (bastard :P) and f course need to eat at some point.

I CAN'T believe...
...That ANYONE would refuse to get out of bed in order to finish a Melanie Griffith movie.