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Honeymoon, Day 2

We left off the story getting ready to get ready. We did that part, and headed out. Walked through Grand Central Station and paused to pick up breakfast (cheese danish and a banana Snapple for me, cranberry muffin and a Coke for Jen). We walked and walked and walked today, getting some sightseeing in, but mostly seeing Central Park.

We hit a couple of interesting stores, too. FAO Schwarz had customizable Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, so we got one with our names on it, backdated to commemorate the wedding.

More importantly, though, we did NOT buy the Ken (of Barbie & Ken fame) as Legolas from Lord of the Rings doll.

When we were done at FAO, we walked around a while, including back into the park.

We took a break for a while to rest our feet, then got moving again. There were several vendors along the street and in the park, many of which were selling framed photos. One that Jen and I really liked was of a single location shot in four different seasons. When we were walking through the Park, we came across that location.

One season down - three to go.

We stopped at a street vendor for a hot dog and water bottle - that was shared (but mostly mine), and we called it lunch. Jen wanted to get into the Central Park zoo, but by the time we got there they were closed. (5pm, for the curious) We walked through the walkway before they closed the gates, though, and found a spot that screamed for us to take a photo for Cariss, so here ya go...

On the way back to the Theatre District, we spent some time in The World of Disney, which had the scariest/coolest elevator between the second and third floors (yeah, it was huge). Naturally, in my camera-frenzied state, I got a shot of it.

We finally got to the area of the theatre, got our tickets, and looked for a place for dinner. By random chance, we came across Pigalle, a French restaurant that was easily the best food we've had here so far. I had a salmon meal where the main course was very good, but was outshone by the sugar snap peas that were on the side (in a butter glaze of some kind - to die for!), Jen had a steak that was quite tender and tasty. Dessert for me was the Creme Brulee (Yum, but not significantly more so than any you could get at any good restaurant anywhere), Jen's was a layered white/dark chocolate mousse that she liked a whole lot more than I did. If we go back, I'm ordering the steak and asking for peas instead of french fries. I don't expect to go back, though - too much else out there!

After dinner, we saw The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I highly recommend it - it's fun frivolity with quite a bit of heart. Extremely enjoyable - and a light-hearted contrast to Virginia Wolff. =) The music was clearly William Finn's, but I think Mom's right in that it doesn't sound like he put his all into it like the musicals he's involved in from the beginning. Still, the music was good in context, and the performances were great. Everyone felt so bad when one of the audience participants was kicked off the spelling bee because her nerves made her misspell "Cow". ("Definition please?" "It's a cow." "Can you use it in a sentance?" "Spell Cow." "C-A-oh, wait... C-O-W!" "I'm sorry, the rules are clear that when you restate the letters you've already said, they must be in the same sequence you originally had them...") One of the other audience members was almost too good, though - he stayed in to a point where they had to throw him two curveball words in a row (making him go twice was the tipoff that his time had come) - and he almost had the second one, but missed an H. For those who are curious what was handed to Rev. Sharpton on the Tony's, it was a juice box - they were given to all those who were eliminated from the Bee. Anyway, a very fun show, and you can expect high schools across the nation to try and fail to do it well many times in the future.

A walk back to the hotel, and here we are. We did some updating of our plans for the rest of the trip (picked up another show or two through discount websites so we wouldn't have to stand in the TKTS line), and now I'm updating LJ while Jen's just fallen asleep. The sacrifices we make.... =)
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