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Honeymoon Day 1

Obviously the Internet access here is free, so here's an update!

The wedding was a success -- we're married! Yay! (Yes, that's a short version. But that's how it seems to us right now. Everything was wonderful, very little went wrong, we're glad we got to see everyone, we're sorry we didn't get to spend enough time with anyone, and we'll post pictures when we get 'em. Better?)

Got on the plane at 10:30pm, took off at 11. Slept a little on the plane, watched (without listening to) the beginning of Madagascar (still looks worth watching - we'll rent it sometime), landed 7ish. Towncar trip to the hotel was fun - learned some fun facts about NYC. (Canal St is so named because when NY was young, it was swampland. They drained it by building a canal where that street now is) Arrived around 8, and were able to check in right away! Thank you, 70 Park Ave! (That'd be our hotel, as well as its address) Hotel room doesn't have much in the way of storage, but is awfully nice in all other ways. Jen took a nap while I was checking my e-mail, and I eventually joined her. We crawled out of bed around 11:30 and hit the town. By random chance, we came across a huge street fair, which we decided to walk. I had some wonderful corn on the cob, and we chatted with a chiropractor that had set up a booth with some signs that caught our attention. The fair was eight or nine blocks long, and dropped us off close to where we wanted to be. Had lunch at Maxie's (very nice deli on Broadway), got our tickets for Show #1, wandered a bit (including getting some pins at Hard Rock - a requirement of Jen's for any trip we go on - and I got to introduce her as my wife for the first time there!), and saw "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

A word of advice for anyone out there planning their honeymoon: Virginia Woolf is a fantastic play, and Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin were amazing in it -- but don't make this the first play you see on your honeymoon. It has a---let's say less-than-ideal view on marriage. But we're very glad we got to see it - it was wonderful, and we could easily see why Bill Irwin won his Tony for it.

Then we dragged ourselves back to the hotel, all the while trying to find food to bring back to the hotel room. We failed, but Google Maps showed us a nice Italian place near the hotel (less than a block away), which is where we had dinner. I made the mistake of changing clothes for comfort (it's a bit hot and muggy), and they wouldn't allow the shorts-wearing-guy into the main dining room, but there were tables at the bar area which we had a wonderful meal at. I had gnocci bolognese, Jen had the linguini something-or-other with clams and roasted garlic. Dessert was apple sorbet, served in a frozen apple. Very tasty. Wanna see?

Yeah, that's the one picture we've taken in NY so far. We'll do better soon, we promise...

Then we came back to the hotel and did what honeymooners do, and slept. Woke up nearly 12 hours later, lounged in the room for a few hours after that, and now we're considering starting our day. But I wanted to at least post a summary of yesterday before we did -- if I'm going to have a record of what went on, I may as well hit it before it's forgotten.... =)

So how was your weekend?
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