Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Count Down

Days remaining until wedding:  1
Items remaining on To-Do list: 5

This'll be the last time I post before the wedding.  We're honeymooning in New York City, and I hear rumor that there'll be internet access in the room -- but if it's $10 for 24 hours, I'm waiting for a Starbucks or something.  We'll have the laptop with us and all that fun stuff.  We'll also have our cell phones, but no guarantees that I'll be answering while we're there.

I'm feeling much more confident in the wedding now that the to-do list is down to one digit, and it's all stuff like "make sure the rings get on site" and "pay the location".  (Yes, we went to the location today to pay them, and I had the ONE JOB of bringing the check....and I failed at my job.  It's OK, though - the location said we could bring it tomorrow.  So now that I've confirmed it's actually in my wallet, not on my desk next to the keyboard, that one should be easy)  And "Write Thank-You Cards," but that won't be possible until after everything else is done.

No, I'm not getting cold feet.  I'm a little nervous, but it's more "competing at International" nervous than "being called to get the judge's sentance" nervous.  No worries.

Anyway, I need to get as much sleep as is possible tonight.  Family dinner tomorrow night, ceremony Saturday morning.  Talk to you after the ring's on my finger!
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