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16 August 2005 @ 04:33 pm
Sucking through my teeth.  (or:  Teeth suck.)  
One of my teeth has become hypersensitive to cold.  I've spent several hours over the couple weeks running between different offices of Gentle Dental, with varying results.

7/22, at the La Habra branch:  I can't find a problem.  I'll apply some desensitizer.  Try this topical flouride, and come back for a followup appointment.

8/3, at the La Habra branch:  The flouride isn't working?  Huh.  I still can't find a problem.  I believe you have one, though - if you want, we can remove the filling you had put in four months ago by the Anaheim office and replace it.  Let's make an appointment to do that.

Last Friday, at the La Habra branch:  Since the filling was put in at the Anaheim Gentle Dental, you can get it done here at 1/2 price, or get it done there for free.  Shall I make an appointment for you there?

Yesterday, at the Anaheim branch:  I can't find a problem.  Therefore, there is no problem.  What you're experiencing is normal.

Today, at the La Habra branch:  The Anaheim branch said WHAT?  You're kidding...  Well, I'll take care of you.  Hmm...I still can't find a problem, but before I go digging, let's get a second opinion.  Go talk to this odontist.

Ten minutes later, at the odontist:  Let's see...  (five minutes worth of tests)  Yeah, it's what I suspected.  It's this, and this is how I know.  It'll take a root canal, but it can be fixed.  Oh, and I see you have no insurance - I'll do everything I can to ease the pain of the bill by applying the full consultation fee to the procedure.  And you're going on your honeymoon in a week and a half?  Tell you what, instead of putting in a temporary filling to cover the hole I make for the root canal like I usually do, I'll put in a permanent one so you don't have to have any followup appointments or associated bills.  How's tomorrow sound?

The best thing Gentle Dental did in this entire process was give me that referral.