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Today was going fairly well until lunchtime.  I came home without incident to find more magazines in the mailbox.  I've been getting two to four every day since this got in full swing.  The post office has been forwarding them, and I discovered while calling to cancel yesterday's batch that the Post Office has been especially nice and useful by informing the magazines of my new address in addition to sending the forwards.  So there's really no escape from these things - which especially sucks with the size of the new address' mailbox.  What's worse, I'm positive that the reason these were free was so various spammers could buy my name and address from the people offering the magazines - and now they have the new address as well as the old.

Anyway, today, I discovered two of the SAME magazine, sent to different variations of my name.  The one good thing about it is that they gave me the phone number for Publications Unlimited (800-267-2611, in case this ever happens to you).  I called and they cancelled the three subscriptions they had on file for me.  Which obviously isn't all that's out there.  But that's three down in two phone calls.  Yay.

When I finished with my lunch, I got in my car and tried to get to school.  Here's how that turned out:
First attempt:  Electric engine is fine, gas engine won't turn on.  I'm limited to about 30 mph.  I pull over and turn the car off and on.
Second attempt:  Same result, but now I'm down to 25mph.  I pull over and turn the car off and on.
Third attempt:  No result - I have hazard lights and power to all systems (although by now I've turned off the A/C, fan, and radio), but no engine.  I turn everything off and wait five minutes.
Fourth attempt:  Gas engine turns on, electric engine won't.  Since the electric engine is the one that generally takes things like starting from a stop, this makes for a very jerky ride.

If I hadn't been dealing with the week before finals and some majorly important materials for next week's tests, I'd have gone to the shop then and there.  But I waited, and they won't get to look at it until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that several wedding invitations didn't get to their destinations - in particular, for some reason, my aunt's side of the family didn't get any.  That's three invitations covering an entire branch of the family tree.  No clue why - especially since I had received Teri's as a wrong address, gotten the correct address, and resent over two weeks ago.  It's possible Marsha and Rick simply forgot that we'd sent theirs to Arizona, but that doesn't explain either of their daughters.

So I'm off to reprint a few invitations.  Perhaps I'll e-mail them PDF's of the packets so they at least have the info in the meanwhile.  Anybody out there have Cindi's e-address?  (send privately, please...)
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