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16 July 2005 @ 05:55 pm
Dang.  Gotta go.  
My copy arrived at 11:30 or so (and I was fully prepared to write about Murphy's Law on UPS - if you're alone and waiting for a package to arrive, it will do so during the five minutes you allow yourself for showering), and even with three incoming phone calls in there I've just finished chapter 9.  But there's quartet rehearsal tonight, so I gotta leave.

Well, this'll give me a reasonable head start, so that when Jen gets back from her conference tomorrow and we start to read in parallel, at least she's not exclaiming out loud in reaction to stuff I don't yet know about.  That was my biggest concern...  (which comes from experience - I couldn't be in the same house as her for several days when book 5 came out!)