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02 July 2005 @ 11:55 pm
Back in the world of the online  
So what've you missed in my absence?

Well, the move went well, with only a few casualties.  And now that I have my computer hooked up, I see that my monitor seems to be one of them.  It's just a chip in the middle of the screen - but MAN that's annoying.  Needless to say, I'll be getting myself used to it for a while before I can afford to replace my 22" monitor....

Oh, and there was a jerk on the road last night.  Bet you couldn't have guessed that one, huh?  Well, this particular jerk came close to having a head-on collision with our friends Shandy and Spencer while they were being kind enough to help us move a bunch of stuff from the house to the apartment.  How, you ask?  By not caring that the street is easily big enough for two vehicles to fit, and speeding down the middle of it.  S&S managed to get out of the way and I, who was following them, thought to myself "this guy's not gonna move, but there's not enough room for me to get out of his way" with enough time to swerve as close to the side as I could - which was enough for me to avoid a head-on collision, but not enough to save my mirror.  Thank God my window was closed, 'cause the mirror itself shattered immediately.  No injuries, and his car appeared fine.  I tried to turn around and follow the guy (who, of course, sped up a side street the moment one became available), but lost him by the time I got to where he'd turned.  Talked to Toyota today and special ordered the part ($45 or so), and they recommended that I have a tech install it when it arrives.  Not because it's difficult to install, but because it's so darn easy to shatter the glass while doing it - and if a tech shatters it, Toyota replaces the part free of charge.  So that's probably the plan when it arrives -- assuming I'm in town to take care of it, which doesn't seem likely.

Oh, speaking of that, I'm going to Salt Lake City with the chorus next week.  Webcasts will be available for those interested.  My chorus is performing eighth on Saturday morning, so somewhere between 11 and 1 Central time is the estimate.  Check it out!  Send me good karma!  =)

OK, time for bed.  Talk to y'all later!
Lightwayslightways on July 4th, 2005 05:47 am (UTC)
Mountain Time
The Contest this week is in Salt Lake City and Utah is on Mountian Time, not Central. For those in the area that have interest, I'll be watching the webcast. We got my computer hooked up to the Big Screen and Spiffy Sound System.