Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Reality sucks

So we've spent more and more time discussing our financial situation, and it's looking like some things will need to be cut.  Many things, actually.

Here's where the list starts:

Satellite dish and TiVo.  In fact, any television service that isn't free or next-to-free.  We do have TV shows we like to follow, though, so if anybody knows of a PC-compatible, reliable source of episodes for download so we can at least try to keep up, please e-mail me that info privately (so you don't get arrested for it).  Thanks.

Chorus.  There's just too much money that goes into it every year.  The annual dues are around $250, and I have to pay for all convention-related fees, including transportation, hotels, registration, and food.  I may be able to maintain membership in the Society for a greatly reduced price, which will allow me to continue with the quartet, but other than that, it's looking like I have to let the chorus go.

More will follow, but I'm still kinda reeling from those two.
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