Id (technomonkey) wrote,

My quartet competed today

I'll give details another time 'cause I'm TIIIIIIIIRED now, but here's the basic gist:

Practiced on Wednesday in front of the chorus.  Sounded great, felt great.

Practiced outside before changing.  Sounded great, felt great.

Changed, practiced in the green room.  Sounded great, felt great.

Sang in front of the judges.  Sounded OK, felt like each of us was alone up there and the monitors were giving us strange and innacurate feedback.

Cutoff for getting to District was an average score of 65, or a total score of 780.  After Wednesday's performance for the chorus, people were telling us we would score around 71-72.  After the performance today, people were saying we'd made the cutoff easily.  The judges didn't agree.  We got a 761, for an average of 63.4.

Last year, my quartet at the time scored 60.6, and were disappointed by the score.  This year, I've got a better perspective of what score means what, and I understand that for the most part, the judges actually do know what they're doing.  I'm not upset by the score - I'm upset that we had great performances in us and didn't take one to the stage where it mattered.

Maybe next year.....
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