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18 April 2005 @ 05:53 am
What almost happened today  
So my delayed jury duty was today.  I waited around for hours and got a reasonable distance into a book, and after lunch they finally called me in with a group for jury selection.  It was a civil case involving injuries sustained in a car accident.  Among other things, the plaintiff's lawyer asked those in the box (which did not include me) if the fact that one of the witnesses is a chiropractor would have any bearing on their opinion of that witness' testimony, positive or negative.

Several people were dismissed, but they got a full jury plus one alternate before I was called.  I was so looking forward to seeing how long it would take to get booted out of there once I answered the standard questions with "Hi, my name is Joel Levitz.  I'm single with no kids.  I'm a chiropractic student...."
egheaumaen on April 19th, 2005 05:36 pm (UTC)
All across the room, jaws hit the floor as the sound of "boi-oi-oi-oi-oing!" reverberates. Then, as one, everyone breaks into laughter. Wiping tears of joy from his eyes, the judge declares, "I hereby rule this juror... hilarious!" Then everyone goes out for steak.

Sorry, I felt like the story needed an ending.