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No sleep......

So yesterday, I went to a guest night for a chorus, the Masters of Harmony. VERY good singing group. To give you a brief idea, here's how the barbershop heirarchy works. You can compete in regional competition every year, unless you win. If you win, you move on to next year's international competition, and you host that year's regional competition without competing yourself. (This way, it's impossible to go to International two years in a row.)

If you win the gold at International, there is yet another year that you can't compete at regionals. Which means that international champions can't go back to International until the third year after they've won.

Masters of Harmony won the gold at International Championships in 1999, 1996, 1993, and 1990. And they're going back this July. These guys are good.

So needless to say, I was intimidated. This wasn't the first time I'd considered visiting and seeing if I could join, but it was the first time I got up the guts to try.

Quick summary: I don't think I'm at their level right now. But I do think I'm capable of getting there, and if I can make it through the audition process and into the chorus, I think I can do it relatively quickly. Maybe not in time for this year's competition, but fast enough to be able to go and say "That's my chorus. I'm a part of that." (But hopefully in time to be on the stage with them....)

Anyway, I labelled this entry "no sleep." There actually is a reason for that. An hour into the rehearsal, I got a call from my ex girlfriend. I ignored it, because I was on the risers at the time. Then she called again. And again. The fourth call I got was during a break, so I answered. She was in panic mode - she's moving out of the apartment and into a house, and her deadline to be out of the apartment is midday today. Naturally it's taking longer than she anticipated (even after spending 12 hours on Sunday driving in three vehicles back and forth to get all the stuff moved, she still had a LOT to do...especially in the cleaning up department). So she calls me up and begs me to help. And being the stupid sucker I am, I agree to come over after rehearsal ends. I suggest she call my friend Erik, because he's also an ultra-nice-guy who I knew would be willing if he was able. She calms down a little, and thanks me.

Moving her wasn't as bad as I anticipated. In fact, it felt a lot like old times - we laughed a bit and hugged. It's feeling more like a frienship than it did for a long time before we broke up. (Side note - if you're in a relationship with someone and it no longer feels like a friendship, get out. It's already over, and you're just prolonging the inevitable.) We determined to spend social time together hanging out and stuff, and this time it felt like we both meant it. We both missed that friendship, and it felt really good to have another taste of it.

But the one thing is, it took time. We didn't get to a point where they could say "we don't need you at this point, go sleep so you can be awake for work tomorrow" until 2:50. This after a late night the night before (2:00ish), and an anticipated late night tonight (AOKP is Thursdays - that's always a late night).

Tomorrow's gonna suck......
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