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25 January 2005 @ 05:17 am
E-mail addresses worth knowing  
I discovered a couple of e-mail addresses that are worth knowing about.  They will (hopefully) lead to making some of the truly evil people who are trying to steal our account information for various places (remember the rant?) pay for doing so.

Well, I can dream, anyway.

Here are the two e-mail addresses:


Here's how it works.  You get one of those e-mails that says "Hi there, customer!  We're [eBay or PayPal].  Something big is happening!  [we just sent you lots of money, you need to verify your account, the world will explode if you don't sign in through our link]  Come follow this link to something that looks suspiciously like a legitimate login to your [eBay or PayPal] account and log in!"

Normally, you see this and say "damn, I hate it when those arrive!" and hit delete.  But no longer!  Now there's an intermediate step - you hit "forward!"  If it's claiming to be from eBay, you send it to spoof@ebay.com .  If it's claiming to be from PayPal, you send it to spoof@paypal.com .  They're the same company, so it doesn't really matter anyway.  You don't have to give any special message - just hit forward, enter the e-address, and send.  THEN you hit delete.  eBay or PayPal then verifies that it's a phony, and forward it to the mysterious "proper authorities" - which actually has a chance of meaning something, 'cause they want you to trust their service and they know that these e-mails discredit that trust.

Hopefully, if enough people do this, perhaps someone will get arrested and sued/fined for thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Ideally, that kind of result would discourage people from doing this again - and we wouldn't have to hit "delete" quite so often in our e-mailboxes.

Again, I can dream.

Anyway, I thought these e-mail addresses were worth letting everyone in the whole world know about, so please feel free to spread the word...
egheaumaen on January 27th, 2005 11:15 pm (UTC)
I think I'd like to make myself spoof@adelphia.net. I don't get nearly enough junk mail right now, so it would be cool to add "User complaints about e-mail scams using Adelphia as a front" to the stuff I get to sort through and delete. Wheee!