Id (technomonkey) wrote,

That was neat.

So I've mentioned the A Cappella rock scene a couple of times in my LJ.  Last night was an interesting one for me.  It was the local ICCA divisional competition, which I always enjoy.  The unusual part was that this time, I was judging.

There were seven groups competing, and a newly local pro group (M-Pact, formerly Seattle-area based) entertaining between competitors.  As with all of these things, there were a couple that were really good, some that were really less than good, and the rest were in between.  The most significant to me was Reverse Osmosis, who I've been following for some time now, who performed easily the best I've ever seen them do.  And I say performed because, while they sang better than I've heard before as well, they presented a complete visual and auditory package from start to finish.

I had them placed first in the competition (and yes, I was able to set aside my prior experience when judging them), but was outvoted.  Still, as first runner up, they get to move onto the semifinals level and see where they can go from there.  That's in about seven weeks.

So anyway, I'm excited for them.  Plus, the whole judging experience was very interesting - and it did give me some perspective on what kinds of stuff goes on in the judging pit in barbershop competitions as well.  All in all, a very cool evening.
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