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Trip's done

Got back from WA yesterday.  Aside from being a little long, it was a good trip.  Some highlights include:

Uncle Phil trying to decide what to call me, as Joel wasn't really rolling off his tongue.  He started with Bob, which quickly evolved into J-Bob.  The next day was Floyd.  Then we went back to J-Bob, which I think may be the final decision.  It'll especially work once I get my DC, 'cause Dr. J-Bob is just plain fun.  I may put that on my business cards.  Or maybe not.

Introducing Jen's grandparents to Rummikub and Password.  They really latched onto Rummikub, which is one of my favorite games, but the magic moment came from Password (as they often do).  The word is "stomach".  Roy says "Person."  Lillian guesses "people," which is incorrect.  I say "tummy."  Jen, without missing a beat, states with absolute certainty: "Buddah."

Food, in many many forms.  The clam chowder up there is quite tasty.  In fact, I don't think I had a meal that wasn't.  The downside to that was that Jen and I are sure to have gained ten pounds each, and so today the diet and excercise programs begin.

On the way out of town, we stopped by a casino.  I didn't gamble anything, but I experienced something quite odd for the first time.  As I was walking down the aisles of slot machines, I physically felt the people around me.  I could tell when I had walked into someone's "field," and when I walked out of it.  I couldn't sense any connotation - no positives or negatives - but there was a sort of density change as I got closer to other people.  The room got thicker and thinner.  It's difficult to describe, and it definitely threw me off for a while.  But I think it's interesting - and if I'm going to continue past Chiropractic eventually into Network Spinal Analysis (which I haven't discussed here yet, but you can expect me to sooner or later), it will be absolutely essential.  Because of that, this may have been the highlight of the trip for me.

Family and friends.  The level of welcome into the family for me was very high - it wasn't like I was an intruder into their family, but rather like I was a long lost relative who had finally come to Christmas Dinner with them.  I was Uncle Scrooge at the end of Christmas Carol.  (Which also makes sense, as I'm usually the one with the Humbug on his lips)

Anyway, it was a good trip, and I'm glad to be home.
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