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Sadly, this looks legit. Broadway cast recordings in jeopardy...


For decades, almost every Broadway musical has left behind a permanent
legacy - the Original Cast Recording.

For many theater lovers, cast recordings have been the bridge to Broadway, giving the listener a glimpse of a first class production, no
matter what the actual distance to New York. And although shows open and close, the cast recordings have remained, documenting the evolving history of musical theater and inspiring new generations of theater lovers across the world.

But Original Cast Recordings are on the verge of extinction. More and
more record executives consider cast recordings a waste of time and money,
and have made it clear that the days of recording Broadway shows are

Robert Hurwitz, president of Nonesuch Records, told a journalist in March
2004 that he will now be recording only two musical theater composers -
Stephen Sondheim and Adam Guettel.

Click here to read more about Cast Recordings in crisis:

We cannot let the cast album die. This petition is being sent to the
chief executives of Sony, RCA Victor, Nonesuch, Atlantic and Hollywood
Records, demanding that Broadway cast albums be allowed to survive, for the sake of the industry itself.

Stand up for Broadway Cast Recordings - sign your name to the petition
and help save the future of musical theater.

Click here to sign the petition:


Comment from Joel:
The article on brings up an interesting idea - have the producers of the play pay for the cast album. Seems like something they ought to be willing to do if the studios aren't. All the same, I hope it doesn't come to "go to NY, produce the play in your hometown, or never hear the music again..."
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