Id (technomonkey) wrote,

For those keeping track...

When I applied for chiropractic college, I had seven prerequisites I had to take. Two semesters of bio, one semester of physics, one semester of general chemistry, two semesters of organic chemistry, and one semester of statistics/biomechanics/kinesthiology/exercise physiology. Three units minimum per class.

The way the timing worked out, I could take five of the prerequisites in weekend classes (eight-ish hours a day, Saturday and Sunday, four weeks = one 3-unit semester-long class), and two needed to be taken in community college. I wanted one of those to be kinesthiology (sp?), but it was only a 2-unit class, so I had to settle for stats instead.

New stuff:
I finished my first weekend class (Human Biology) two weeks ago, and now know that I've passed it with a B+! Woohoo! (not a stellar grade, but enough to keep me on track for January entry at SCUHS...)

Currently in Physics on the weekends (should be a piece of cake - It's early stuff, I've got a great calculator, and I'm allowed to have a single sheet of notes in the tests), Statistics in the week (similar - I can have as many 4x6 notecards as I want on the tests), and Bio (with lab) also in the week. So far, Bio has been pretty easy - but it's still week 1. Not worried about it.

I'll let you know if my stress level increases - in fact, you'll know whether I tell you or not by how many posts I do... =)
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