Id (technomonkey) wrote,


OK, so in the last couple of days, I've:

* Told my quartet about a song I didn't expect them to like because I do

* Told the people in charge of my chorus about an intro I don't like because I thought I could come up with something better

* Told the people in charge of the Barbershop Society's International Convention DVDs extensively all about how they can improve that product

Still to do:
* Finish transcribing a song I would rather do in the chorus' XMas show as a token Hanukkah song than the awful medley we've done the past several years, and send it to the people in charge of the chorus' music decisions

* Send more suggestions of how to fix my chorus' general populus' performances to the members

* Put together suggestions of what songs I think a college a cappella group would do well with and send it to their leadership.

When the hell did I get so ballsey?


One of the quartet members loves the song and wants to do it. One member doesn't really understand the humor of it. The last one hasn't responded.

The people in charge of the chorus said my comment on the intro is well taken, and they'll see if it makes sense to change it at this point.

The people in charge of the DVDs haven't yet replied - this is the one I've been most nervous about.
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