Id (technomonkey) wrote,

I need more geek friends.

I haven't read ProfQUOTES in a while, but worse than that, I don't really know a whole lot of people who would appreciate them.

In case you're one, this is a section of the University of Waterloo's Math Department's newsletter, in which students turn in quotes from the professors for publication. The quotes are often funny, often showing the professors to be dumb (or at least human), and often math/computer related. Not necessarily all at once.

There are a lot of archives I haven't read in a long time either. Click on an issue, scroll down to ProfQUOTES, click. Laugh and laugh. (When Kurt first showed this to me, I was in my dorm room going through the archives for several hours, laughing so hard my sides literally hurt. But then, I've always been a big geek.)

Just thought I'd share....
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