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Final part

Here's where to find part 1 (the background) and part 2 (the actual proposal)....

And now, the Proposal Story, Part three:

OK, so the background. In my last payment for Jen's ring, in late January, I asked if there was any way to get the ring down here - I wanted the proposal to be a surprise, and once she knew it was in my possession, there was little chance for that. They said yes, so rather than risk having her find it in the mail, I had the ring shipped to Kurt's house. Kurt delivered it to me. In the week prior to the event, I had visited DL several times, once taking a 1 hour and 45 minute lunch break (I usually get 30 minutes), to arrange everything with Lagniappe. (Yes, he talked with me, and yes, it was disconcerting) My friend Paul (Disney employee) was gracious enough to sign Shandy and Spencer into the park that morning, and they delivered the bundle of ribbons and ring to Lagniappe. When I called Spencer, his side of the conversation was something along the lines of "OK, you're at the Monorail. So you'll probably be another 20 minutes or so - we'll make sure the mime knows." They tell him, and he agrees to make another round of New Orleans Square. He's the reason I was on a timetable - he went on break at 1, immediately after we finished. Paul was in the balcony with my digital camera, and Shandy and Spencer were hiding around the corner with theirs. They had been using the camera's screen to see what was happening and take pictures, but when they saw how engrossed we were in what was happening with us, they gave up on secrecy and just stood out in the open taking pictures. Neither of us knew they were there.

And that's the story. Later in the day I had to make THE CALL to her father (I hadn't yet asked his permission), which was very stressful, particularly when Fantasmic started and he didn't take the strain of trying to hear each other as a reasonable excuse to stop the interrogation, but I got through it. And now you know.

(And you also know why I don't tell very many stories - I tend to get confused on which details are important and which ones aren't, and go on and on and on and on......)

(and knowing is half the battle)

And they say romance is dead....
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