Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Proposal Story, part 2

If you haven't seen Part 1 yet, that's probably worth doing. It's just background, but some of it's fun...

Part two:

We're in the jewelry store looking at my ring when Disneyland's Mime, Lagniappe (pronounced Lahn-yap) comes in. He notices my ring, notices her empty hand, and starts harassing us. Obviously all conversation on our part is verbal and all on his part is indicated in Mimese. But he's very good at communicating what he means - why is her hand naked? I haven't proposed. What are you, chicken? No, the ring's in Northern CA, and I don't want to propose without it. Wow, look at your nose grow like Pinnochio's. Jen, there's no ring! He doesn't mean it! That kind of thing.

This goes on for several minutes - and of course Jen and I are laughing and laughing. He pulls out a crystal doorknob that looks somewhat diamondy and proposes to Jen with it. I mean, this is all great fun, right? He then indicates that I'm obviously not worth her, and he's gonna take me out back and prove it. He's hitting his umbrella in his hand like he's going to beat me up or something. It's all very funny. So Jen and I follow him.

About fifteen feet away from the jewelry store is a very pretty and secluded courtyard - this is where Lagniappe takes us.

There are some other Disneyland guests there. Lagniappe notices that they have a parasol similar to his, and he opens it and angles it so they can't see us. He uses his umbrella to hit the back of my knee, so suddenly I'm down on one knee. He takes from his pocket and hands me a little bundle of ribbon, indicates for me to go ahead and get it over with, then notices another Disneyland cast member (read: employee) there, so he goes over and opens his own parasol and angles it so they can't see. We're essentially alone.

At this point, Jen's thinking this is all a joke - the mime handed me a plastic ring or something, and it's all very funny. I make some crack about how there are a million song lyrics I could pull out (noteably from the current MOH contest ballad, "Love Me and the World is Mine"), but I'll just go with short and sincere instead. "You make me the best me I've ever been, and I can't, nor would I want to, imagine my life without you in it. I would be honored if you would be my wife. Jennifer Lynn Lorton," I start unraveling the ribbons, revealing her ring tied to the end, "will you marry me?"

Her response: "Yes? How did, how, what, but how......huh?"

And then, of course, I had to stop the questions....

And now you're ready for the details that actually led to the day and it working, given in part 3...
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