Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Rather than make one HUGE post, I'll make several smallish ones!

People have been asking for the story of the proposal (remember the pics?), so I thought I'd make it easier and just post it.

But when I typed the whole thing up, it was just huge. So I'm breaking it up...

The proposal story, part one:

Very basic pre-story: Jen and I had picked out a ring in Northern California for this purpose, and it was waiting there for us to pick it up. I'd finished the payments, and the weekend AFTER this is when we're going up and picking it up.

So we wake up Sunday morning. No plans, although I've been dropping hints all weekend that I wanted to go to Disneyland, and Sunday would be the first chance. Nothing unusual there - Jen and I are annual passholders, so we go all the time. And it's not like we'll be spending time with the roommates anyway - they've already told us they're going to the Swap Meet that day. We wake up at 8:30 or so (I've been awake for a couple of hours. Nerves will do that to you.), and Jen tells me the following:
We're going to clean the office (read: computer room) today. (Note that she didn't make this as a suggestion. This is the plan.) If we get it done in time, we can go to Disney's California Adventure and see Groove 66!

At 8:31, I was in the office cleaning like a madman. You've never seen me clean anything like this - I was an organizing fool. Jen didn't know what hit her; she was looking forward to some more time in bed. Not me - I had a schedule to keep! Not that she knew that, of course. Nor did my sudden Speedy Gonzalez out of the bedroom raise any suspicions on her part. Well, give her some credit - she was tired...

We get through cleaning the office (to a point where it's acceptable) around 11. I go get ready for the day - shower, shave, the works. Jen gets ready too, but at a much more liesurely pace. I'm ready to get out the door at 11:30........and she's ready about noon. (Timetable check - we need to be in the park at a certain place at 12:30 - 12:45, and it takes roughly half an hour to get there. No sweat, right?)

As we're heading out the door, Jen grabs some checks she needs to deposit. Knowing I also have stuff to deposit, she announces that we're stopping by our banks. It takes some effort to keep my calm through the exchange that ensues, but finally I convince her that we're NOT going to DL in separate cars, and we're not stopping by my bank. Hers, I can't talk her out of. The girl's got a stubborn streak, and just doesn't take hints. (Sound like anybody else you know?)

By this point, she knows something's up. As I say, it took effort to keep as cool as I did, and when she said it wasn't a big deal if we got there too late for Groove's first performance, I broke down a little and exclaimed that IT WAS A BIG DEAL. So in the car, she asks if I want to talk about it. No. Is it something I can articulate into words? Yes, but I'm not going to - it will become clear later. (I'm improvising as well as I can, OK?)

We get to DL's parking area and head to the tram. When we get there, we realize that this is the first warm and sunny weekend in quite some time, and EVERYBODY's at Disneyland! The tram area is PACKED to a point that they're running both loading zones concurrently - something I haven't seen them do in over a year. Walk it? Walk it.

At this point, it's clear to Jen that we're not going to DCA - walking means going to the Monorail station, which only stops at Disneyland. Jen doesn't ask questions, she just follows me. When we get to the Monorail station (time check: 12:30), I notice that I've gotten a call from Spencer, one of the roommates. Jen hears this side of the conversation:
"Hi! How's the swap meet? Yeah, we decided to go to Disneyland. Man, the place is packed! We're at the Monorail station now - it looks like we're not getting on this Monorail, but probably the next one..... Yeah....... Uh huh..... Oh, that reminds me, could you pick up some razor blades for me while you're there? Thanks! OK, see ya!"

When we get out of the Monorail in Tomorrowland, I'm walking with a purpose. Again, Jen knows something's up but doesn't ask. We go through the main hub of DL, avoiding some people taking pictures by walking behind the Partners statue (I found out later that Jen thought for a brief moment that I was headed to the Castle to propose there - but we both agreed that that wouldn't have been right for us), and headed to New Orleans Square. I'm aiming us straight at the jewelry store, when Jen asks me if we're going to visit my ring. Yeah, I say sheepishly. You get to see yours next weekend, I wanted to see mine now - it was calling to me.

OK, here's where the story gets fun, so here's where this post ends..... Go read part 2, will ya?
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