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24 October 2001 @ 06:49 am
My coworker said this the other day.  
I liked it, so I'm quoting it here:

You know, I'm pretty sure that when people preface something with "if it makes you feel any better" they are not actually trying to make you feel better, but rather trying to redirect your sympathy. This, of course, is just a theory.
some guyself on October 24th, 2001 01:55 pm (UTC)
I think most of us reserve those words for making people laugh at something inappropriate, thereby thwarting the sympathy that other item should have recieved.
    John: My dog just died.
    Mary: That's horrible. But if it makes you feel any better, that guy over there only has one leg.
    John: I bet his dog's still alive.
    Mary: (kick)   No it isn't.
    John: Hahahahahahaha!
    Mary: Feeling better?
    John: No.
    Mary: (kick)
    John: Ow!
    Mary: How 'bout now?
Kurt Onstadspeedball on October 24th, 2001 05:36 pm (UTC)
Along the same lines...
Whenever someone starts a sentence with "With all due respect," chances are that what's coming next isn't at all respectful...