Id (technomonkey) wrote,

To be a chiropractor or not to be a chiropractor.

That seems to be the question.

So here's what's going on. I'm nowhere. Matter of fact, I'm in the same nowhere I was at just after I got my degree in May of 1999. I've basically been treading water, staying put, kinda waiting for my dream job to come to me. I've done some stuff that was worthwhile in the meantime, but not a whole helluvalot. So I've been reassessing my place in the world, and it occurred to me that nothing is going to happen unless I actually take some action here.

Big surprise, right? It's not like all my family and friends have been telling me that for years and years.

So anyway, the question then becomes, what do I actually want to BE when I grow up? Well, if you'd asked me that when I was in elementary school, the answer would have come without a beat: I want to be a chiropractor. Seemed the thing to be when I was that age. Then I saw what went into becoming a chiropractor: lots and lots of medical study - learning the names of muscles bones and stuff. Which, naturally, is one of my worst areas, scholastically. So I drifted from that and went more towards computers.

But the fact is, I really like making people feel good. It's extremely satisfying to me. So these days, I'm back to looking for ways to accomplish that. Two options, really -- chiropractic, or massage. I have natural ability in both.

Advantages exist in both. Chiropractors obviously make a considerable amount more money. But massage therapists don't have to do NEARLY as much studying of muscle names, and they go to school about a quarter of the amount of time. Plus, it can easily count as "putting my feet in the water without jumping all the way in" -- if I can handle the one class of anatomy required for the massage, then I might have a chance at going back for the chiropractic classes, right? And in the meantime, I can be a massage therapist.

So I was seriously considering going that route. It makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. But then Jen went and got all logical on me. She said that if I go to Chiropractic College for a year, I'll have everything I need to be a massage therapist - that's part of the program. And then I can decide if I want to stick it through for the other three years, or just go do massage. But if I do the massage therapy track at a different school, then all I can use that for is massage - I'll still be four years away from getting a chiropractic license.

So I'm back to looking at the Los Angeles Chiropractic College. It's a bit daunting, and quite scary. But I think I'm applying. I've already filled out most of the application - primarily what I have left to do is the essay. I'm freaking out, and not thinking very clearly on the whole subject, but I think it's probably the right way to go.

If only I'd thought of it five years ago. I think Dad would have been very proud to have a Doctor of Chiropractic in the family. (Plus, he'd have gotten free adjustments!)
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