Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Quite a way to start the new year.

Woke up bright and early. Well, OK, 9:30ish, but after having read my book until 4 to finish it (Prey, by Michael Crichton. Quite good, for those who wondered), it sure seemed bright and early.

Jen and I went and saw 2 movies back to back. Quick non-spoilery reviews:

Peter Pan: One of the best versions of the story I've seen on screen. If you're not sick of the story, go see it - it's worthwhile.
Paycheck: Not surprisingly, the best action movie since Face/Off. Damn shame it's from Paramount - the DVD will suck.

Shopped a little, saddened by the fact that the Block at Orange's Wizards of the Coast store is closing, especially since it has a better game selection now than I've seen at most Game Keepers. Still, 20-40% off everything as of today - that'll go up and up as they get closer to their end-of-February vacating date.

On our way to the car, ran into MacKenzie Rice (whose name I'm sure I just destroyed the spelling of). Haven't seen her since high school. Chatted for a few brief minutes, then reeled from the shock of seeing her for three times the length of the encounter.

Dinner at Fresh Choice. Yum!

Gym appointment. Ow!

Came home, checked out some movie trailers at a few websites I know, started randomly clicking on links in my Favorites menu. Came across sad news. Holly Austin, a friend through high school, apparently died this past October 17. (Sadly, this is all the info I currently have. I've e-mailed the webmaster to find out more) Holly was an extremely bright, and always happy person. She was one of those people whose upbeat attitude was contagious - you couldn't help but be in a good mood around her. I didn't keep in contact, but I thought of her every once in a while, and the very fact that she was out there always put a smile on my face. That she is gone saddens me greatly.

So that's how I spent my January 1. A very bittersweet day. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. I suspect the rest of the year will follow suit.
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