Id (technomonkey) wrote,

There's an ugh for ya

Remember the hell I went through to get to Montreal this year? The punchline came about a month ago.

I was going through my Skull (purse, man-bag, whatever you want to call it) and clearing out old paperwork, organizing frequent-purchase-cards, etc. Went into the section with my Brain (PDA, organizer, whatever) and cleared it out, and noticed a folded up piece of paper in there, tucked into a corner. The only reason I saw it at all was because I was completely clearing out the section - clearly I wouldn't have noticed it there otherwise.

If I had, I coulda gotten on the plane in the first place.

Yup. It's my birth certificate. Was in there the whole damn time. In fact, was in there since June or so, when Mom gave it to me.

The thing is, I searched everywhere for it, including in my Skull. Grr...
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