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29 September 2003 @ 04:14 pm
2 conversations with the same employment agency  
Last Friday, on the phone:
"Do you have clerical/office experience?"
"I do not have clerical/office experience, but I do have clerical/office skills."
"Our clients require 6 months of clerical/office experience, so if you can add to that, we'll be happy."

Today, in person:
"Do you have clerical/office experience?"
"I have office experience and clerical skills, but no clerical experience."
"Hmm.... Do you have a resume with you?"
"Let me see it. Hmm...Graduated with a BA from a CSU.... Sales experience, tech support.... Do you have computer skills?"
"Let's set up an appointment with one of our recruiters."

I'm thinking that in person was better.