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09 September 2003 @ 10:52 am
Plumbing update  
OK, the main problems with the plumbing have been resolved. The main line has been replaced, the fans and dehumidifiers are gone, the insurance adjuster was here this morning to take pictures and measurements and such.

Followup: Plumbing:
The shower still drained slowly, so we called the plumbers back. He wasn't able to get his snake past the "trap" (whatever that is), so while he made it better, it's not fixed, and next time it starts draining slowly we'll likely have to break through the concrete to get it fixed. But not yet.

Followup: Insurance:
The person who was here doesn't make decisions, she just makes a report to send to the person who makes decisions. She says that problems resulting from plumbing issues are specifically excluded from the policy, but last time she made that call the company decided to approve it for some reason, so there's hope. She has five business days to finish her report and send it to the decisionmaker, and then it has to get through that person's queue. They'll make a decision and let us know ASAP.

And that's pretty much where we stand right now.