Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Things you don't expect to hear at Disneyland...

...but that I did last night.

In order of being said:
"I've held her boobs!"
(In line for Splash Mountain)

"Shake them titties!"
(During Fantasmic - during the Pinnochio section where the Cancan puppets are dancing with Pinnochio.)

Yes, yesterday was Bats Day at DL, and people were goth-ed out. Now, when surrounded by people who are dressed in Goth, one can't help but notice that about 90% of the people who dress Goth.......well, they just shouldn't.

But oh, those other 10%.....

Gotta say, the corset, short skirt, and fishnet bodysuit outfit worked for The Yellow Dart. (Naturally that's not her name, but she got it on a Mouse Ears hat! Woohoo!)

That hat event, BTW, inspired me to get a Mouse Ears hat with Trogdor on it. (The Burninator wouldn't fit) It's proudly displayed on the computer monitor right now.

MAN I love the Park.....
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