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24 August 2003 @ 09:02 pm
Per Eowyn's Request  
Anne requested that I post highlights from this conversation on my LJ. So here ya go, Anne, this one's for you...

muddywankenobi: I'm Batman!
technomonkey: lightways here... But I thought you were an Ewok?
muddywankenobi: hey! that’s not nice!
muddywankenobi: I’ll get you for that
muddywankenobi: rumor has it you're ticklish
technomonkey: heehee
muddywankenobi: how're you doing?
technomonkey: She's on the phone now. Surprisingly, technomonkey's here now. :-)
muddywankenobi: hrm.
technomonkey: You're Batman? I'm confused - I thought you were an Ewok!
muddywankenobi: I’ll get you. rumor has it lightways's ticklish...
technomonkey: hehehe
muddywankenobi: she'll take it out on you.
technomonkey: I'd win.
muddywankenobi: so you're saying you want to bribe me to tickle her and tell her it was your idea?
technomonkey: What, with your Ewokian prowess?
muddywankenobi: you're mocking me, aren't you?
technomonkey: Who, me? Would I do that?
muddywankenobi: don't force me to assassinate you.
technomonkey: You can't. I live in an assassin-free house. That wasn't my idea, but it does come in handy...
muddywankenobi: did i say both A) it'd be inside the rules, and B) it'd be in the house?
technomonkey: What, you have a Disneyland pass? If I'm not here, chances are I'm there.
And getting an assassination done within the walls of Disneyland would just be damn impressive. Hell, I'd pay the assassin's fee to see that.
muddywankenobi: hrm...
muddywankenobi: don't tempt me.
muddywankenobi: I already have a plan of attack.
muddywankenobi: it involves going over to costumes.. and bribing.
technomonkey: hee hee... technomonkey is back playing on the Xbox
muddywankenobi: bad technomonkey.
muddywankenobi: so how're you?
technomonkey: Good...

(Minor break for dinner)

muddywankenobi: Not an Ewok.
technomonkey: I think you are wrong
muddywankenobi: meh
muddywankenobi: I have proof.
technomonkey: What proof have you?
muddywankenobi: I didn't grow up on a moon.. any moon.
technomonkey: You could've been adopted. Besides, your word isn't admissable as proof.
muddywankenobi: it most certainly is!
technomonkey: Not in the court of technomonkey'n'lightways'n'eowyn42!
muddywankenobi: eowyn42 wouldn't team up against me...
technomonkey: Can you be so sure?
muddywankenobi: and if she even thinks about it, tell her Mr. Smashy's on my side, so she'd better be too.
technomonkey: That just sounds too phallic for words.
muddywankenobi: Mr. Smashy is a rock.
technomonkey: OK, so an Ewok with a rock vs Anne the Merciless with the Sword of No Pity. You honestly think she's gonna be intimidated?
muddywankenobi: Mr. Smashy isn't a rock of war.. he's a rock of general incompetence, and a lazy little SOB.
technomonkey: OK, an Ewok with a rock that can't get up the initiative to hit anything vs. Anne the Merciless with the Sword of No Pity.
This isn't looking any better for you...
Kurt Onstadspeedball on August 24th, 2003 09:10 pm (UTC)
Watch out for the Ewok with a rock. Look at Return of the Jedi. Those guys can be dangerous...