Id (technomonkey) wrote,

More Bleu Men

OK, so I was reluctant to get tickets to Blue Man's Complex Tour a second time. I saw them a while back and figured, I've seen it, right?

Apparently not.

Jen, Shandy and I got tickets to see them again because Shandy's husband Spencer couldn't go the first time. Let me tell you, the show's developed quite a bit since the Wiltern. Or the Wiltern was a reduced amount of time so they cut out a lot of personality. Or something. But this time (at the Shrine) was a completely different experience.

Among other things, there were a LOT more Rock Concert Movements.

Rock Concert Movement #18: Waiting around for the next rock act

Rock Concert Movement #8: The Blackout

Rock Concert Movement #10: Getting a closer look at the audience

Rock Concert Movement #15: Bringing a guest vocalist on stage

Rock Concert Movement #23: Getting the audience to sing along

Rock Concert Movement #27: Saying hello to the people in the cheap seats

Rock Concert Movement #28: Bringing audience members up on stage to dance

Rock Concert Movement #237 (MAN this one pissed me off -- simply by being about 90 seconds worth of text. I only caught the beginning:) Taking the audience on a Jungian journey...

Rock Concert Movement #63: Bringing out Venus Hum

Rock Concert Movement #78: The Fake Ending

and finally...

Rock Concert Movement #48: Introducing the band.

And yet, STILL no Rock Concert Movement #5!!!

An amazing experience, this. I'm glad I saw again. The last time, I was reluctant to buy tickets a second time. Now I wish they were coming back so I could get tickets for a third. If you see Blue Man's Complex Tour coming your way, don't hesitate -- just go.
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