Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Another Highly Intentional Experiment: Do Ants Learn?

A year ago, the office had a major Ant problem, and a minor Roach problem. Solution: Various poisons, but specifically the Raid stuff - roach motels and ant traps. Took care of it fairly effectively.

After a time, the problems went away, and the solutions were thrown away.

This year: Ant infestation begins again. I purchase the same Raid ant traps and lay them out.

Less than a day later, a roach seems to have found the Ant Trap and has keeled over in the middle of the bathroom. The ants, however, are attracted to the smell of death. They have formed a neat line cleanly avoiding the ant trap, and heading straight to the roach. The sucker caused a HUGE amount of ants to show up that otherwise wouldn't have.

Makes you wonder...
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