Id (technomonkey) wrote,

My week so far: Two bad.

On Sunday, MOH had a performance. My first front-row performance, actually. Prior to it, we had a front-row rehearsal. Between the front-row rehearsal and the actual chorus rehearsal, those of us who were flipping or being flipped stuck around to try it once, since we hadn't had a chance to before. Don bravely got between the two flipper guys and prepared to be flipped. I was a spotter - behind on the left, and a more experienced flipper spotting, behind on the right.
The flip happened slower than I thought it would, and something was clearly off. He wasn't flipping straight back, as I expected - I guess one of the flipper guys had more experience and/or strength than the other, and Don ended up crooked. I had no choice - I had to get out of the way, which I did. Don landed and was halfway caught by the other spotter, but landed badly and fell in the direction I should have been in. Turns out his left Fibula (little bone in the ankle that primarily steadies the leg) bent enough that it splintered during the fall, and he's going to be in a cast for the next four to six weeks, thus missing front row for both performances before Montreal and the major choreo rehearsal. Someone shouldn't take "break a leg" so literally - and I feel guilty because I think it's me. Needless to say, my performance suffered with my mind being elsewhere.


In my mail this weekend, I got a notice. No, it was more official than that. I got a Notice. Apparently a ticket I didn't realize I had has been sent to Collections. In doing so, an extra fee of $250 was assessed, for a total of $686.

What the hell? Ticket? When was this? I called the collections agency and the courthouse several times in the last few days to try to sort this whole thing out. Apparently in late January I got a ticket that was more than a fix-it ticket. Circumstances out of my control. I was in Jen's car, picking her up from LAX. It's registration had expired. I handed her the ticket and told her to take care of it. She did. Neither of us realized that there was a fee involved, and there was no warning or letters prior to this. Anyway, now that it's moved to Collections, there is no contesting it - it's out of the Courthouse's jurisdiction now, and the Collections agency has no interest in hearing anything other than "here's my checking account number."

Oh, and as an afterthought, I had the collections agency check for me. Yup, I was right. There's a hold on my license.

So here's the process. I borrow more money from my parents (thank GOD they're able to help with this...), and give the collections agency my check or check-by-phone. They wait for the check to clear. When it does, they e-mail the courthouse. NOTE: NO ONE CONTACTS ME. I guess I'm expected to be psychic or something. Or check my account on a freakin' daily basis. Thankfully, I do that almost all the time anyway. After that, I go to the Courthouse, which of course is only open during office hours, and pick up an Abstract. I bring the Abstract to the DMV, and when they feel like it, they eventually get around to clearing up this whole thing so I can legally drive again.

I'm not exactly thrilled with any of this.....
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