Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Some thoughts from Thursday

From morning:
"I have four Internet-Only sites in my queue. Do you remember the last time there were four Internet-Only sites in the entire queue for everybody?"

From midday:
"Man, today's gotten busy to the point of causing physical pain. At least it can't get much worse." *phone rings with personal trajedy of some close friends*
(Don't ask - I won't tell. It's their deal.)

From afternoon:
"Damn. I have eleven sites in m queue, seven of which are Internet-Only. At least it can't get much worse." *CRASH goes my e-mail program, causing it to need a 30-minute restructuring....*

Two seconds later:
"If anyone hears me start the sentance 'At least it can't get much worse' again sometime today, you have my full permission to hit me as hard as you can..."
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