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While we're breaking copyright laws...

I gotta tell my favorite story about one of those ride pictures.

Kurt and I are at Universal Studios. Neither of us has ever been on Jurassic Park. We are determined to go. And we know there's a photo op on the ride.

You can tell from my previous post that I enjoy theme park ride photo opportunities. They're a chance to have fun, make fun of the ride, make fun of myself, etc. One of my favorites was with some friends of Cariss', when we did "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" on Splash Mountain. Still need a scan of that one...

...anyway, Kurt and I are debating on what to do. We're in line and we see that they're selling ponchos. Kurt comes up with the idea. We're going to pick up ponchos (it's not a hot day, so getting soaked would be a mistake) and put our hands out like "I heard it was going to rain. Strange, there's not a drop." We know the camera will flash, which will tell us the picture's been taken, so that'll be our cue to throw the poncho hoods over our heads and duck and cover before the wall-o-water hits us from above. Good plan, right?

I don't know if you're aware of this, but the drop on Jurassic Park is a bit on the freakishly huge side, and you have no idea how far it goes the first time you're on it. We get to the top of the drop, I get into position. I'm paying attention to only one thing: watching for the flash of the photo. It arrives, I drop and throw the poncho over me.

Apparently we got to the top of the drop and Kurt freaked. Fists clenched on the handlebar, screaming the whole way. The flash arrived, and Kurt continued to freak. The wall of water is inches away from him, and he thinks "wait, wasn't I supposed to do something?"


MAN, I wish I had the picture of the two of us from right after we got off the ride....
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