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24 August 2001 @ 11:08 am
WE WON!!!  
The following is copy/pasted directly from The Digital Bits.

This next news comes official from Warner. Bowing to pressure from DVD's
core fans, Warner Home Video has announced plans to release a widescreen version of
theWilly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory: 30th
Anniversary Edition
. The disc will street on November 13th (SRP
$24.98), and will include everything that was on the other, full frame-only
version. It's nice to see that they've decided to listen to the more than 11,000
fans who signed the
Widescreen petition
. But Cats & Dogs
and their animated Lord of the Rings DVDs,
both upcoming, are still due to be full frame only. Come on Warner... you're
almost there. And just to make sure Warner gets the message, here are links to
online widescreen petitions that you can sign about
& Dogs
of the Rings
. We know that they're not as popular as Wonka,
but we ask EVERYONE who feels strongly about this widescreen on DVD issue to
sign both of these petitions. The Hollywood studios need to be sent a message by
widescreen fans, or this is just going to keep happening.

Here's my 2 cents on this whole thing. I don't mind at all if Warner and other
studios release full frame versions of their films on DVD. As the format expands
into a larger, more mainstream market, I understand that many people prefer full
frame. I get many e-mails a day now asking "Why the black bars?" I
think the fault here lies with the studios in not making a better effort to
explain widescreen to its consumers. But whatever - there's no doubt that the
studios will have to release some titles in full frame. BUT NEVER ABANDON YOUR
CORE, ORIGINAL CONSUMERS! Warner... you were the driving force behind DVD, and
it's shameful if you make any move to dumb down the format as it gets popular.
The people who prefer anamorphic widescreen ARE THE VERY PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS
FORMAT A SUCCESS by supporting it from Day One, and by spreading the word of
mouth about how great DVD was to anyone who would listen. If you're going to
release full frame titles... fine. BUT ALWAYS RELEASE A WIDESCREEN VERSION AS
WELL. Better still, do what many other studios have done and include both aspect
ratios on the same disc, or in the same 2-disc set. NEVER FORGET who the core
DVD consumers are, and what they want. Period. And if you do, you can bet we'll
be there to remind you. Enough said.