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18 August 2001 @ 01:39 am
DAMN fine day  
Disneyland ROCKS!

Remind me to get the Splash Mountain pictures online as soon as I mention that I've finally got myself a scanner. (It's only a matter of time)

The Fastpass system is very well designed and implemented. Kurt and I were basically going from one ride's fastpass distribution to another ride's fastpass line, then to a third ride's fastpass distribution, then to the first ride's fastpass line....zigzagging in and out of each ride so we really didn't have to wait in any lines that were Fastpass equipped. It worked out VERY well. Was a lot of fun, and we got through all the rides we were interested in very quickly, at least once. We planned to hit Pirates a second time, just as the park closed, but we changed our minds around 10:15pm, when we realized that "Rat Race" had opened today, and there was an 11:00 showing. We wanted to go for it.

RAN across the park, stopped to visit Cariss at Jungle for a few minutes, RAN the rest of the way across the park, picked up our photos that were still waiting at the Express Pickup thingy, RAN across Downtown Disney to the AMC theater there. Got in with time to spare. (Granted, that time was about three minutes, but still...)

Rat Race is comedy gold. Bladder-bustingly funny. I haven't laughed this hard in a movie theater in a VERY long time. When my brother Matt told me that Rowan Atkinson was the weakest part of this movie, I thought he was putting down Rowan Atkinson. (He probably meant it that way) Turns out Rowan was hilarious - but Matt was right anyway. Everyone else was even funnier. MAN, I loved this movie. Go see it. Whacked out, fucked up, extreme goodness.

My legs are gonna be so sore tomorrow. It was worth it.


Got a scanner! Go here!