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17 January 2003 @ 06:12 pm
While I was at it...  
I just called and closed my Best Buy and Good Guys cards. That's roughly $5,000 credit I whacked away.

The Circuit City card took a little more effort, as the card itself didn't have a phone number on it. Had to find a statement. But this one was more important than the other two, as I use it occasionally. Anyway, I tracked down the number and made the call. Incidentally, this and Good Guys both gave me a little trouble when I was trying to track down a human. Little tip - the automated systems can't take change of address forms, so that's the way to get hold of one. Anyway, I'm 12 minutes late - they're closed. I'll have to get that $1,200 gone on Monday.

If I ever decide to make interest-free purchases at any of these places, I can always re-open. But I don't see that happening in the immediate future.