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26 December 2002 @ 07:13 am
Merry Christmas  
OK, so last night at about 1:15am I checked my checking account and saw my Christmas bonus in there.

I then dealt with finances for a little while, because it allowed me to. And I got a credit card paid off (one of the two that have charges not owed by me), and I called and cancelled the card.

Hooray! $5000 less debt I can get into!

Oh, and I realized that I'm not completely credit card debt free. There's one card left with stuff on it from me. But it's at 0% interest until August, and it's got steady amounts automatically being debited from my checking account so it never goes above that percentage because it'll be paid off. So I don't count that one, really. It'll just be a nice bonus in August when suddenly I have $235 more income per month. I'll think of it as a raise. :-)

Downside: Didn't get to sleep until 2ish. MAN, I'm tired....
Current Music: Off the Beat (U Penn) - Iris
some guyself on December 26th, 2002 09:02 am (UTC)
Very cool. Congratulations!

For all the talk of Christmas bonuses, nobody went out of their way to hand me one. That's not to say a check wasn't written - I have no idea. They might have distributed those while I was sick at home. But Christmas eve, when I came back in to work, no one seemed to feel it worth mentioning. Perhaps they'll notice it sitting on their desk later, and life will be good for a moment. I'm not counting on it, though.
Idtechnomonkey on December 26th, 2002 04:01 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear it. :(