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11 August 2001 @ 08:29 pm
Just cleaned up a bit after this morning's fiasco  
No signs of lightning bolts. But then again, Ben Franklin probably thwarted Thor's worst when he invented the lightning rod.

I laugh at you, Thor! My knowledge of physics overpowers your ability to gather and propel huge amounts of static electricity at incredible speeds!

(It was Thor who threw the lightning bolts, right? I always get my Gods confused... Really wish I'd gotten a chance to take a mythology class.... damn.....)

Anyway, my opinion of dead ants is as follows:

Less fun than dead puppies.
Nentikobe - a work in progressnentikobe on August 12th, 2001 11:20 pm (UTC)
Zeus was the leader of the Greek gods, and called the Thunder God among other things because he threw lightening down upon the earth.

Thor was another god, Norse I believe. He had a mighty hammer that was beyond anything...it was, I think, the source of his strength, and he made thunder with it, among other things.
Idtechnomonkey on August 15th, 2001 09:14 am (UTC)
I feel stupid.
"Oh, Zeus -- God of Gods, come forward with your thunderbolt and save me -- (all look up; nothing happens, awkward moment) Oh, Zeus... Oh, Zeus!!!"

--Diabetes, in Woody Allen's play, "God"
(That'd be the character I played in the one-act...)
(Anonymous) on August 15th, 2001 02:10 am (UTC)
dead puppies?
ok that dead puppy thing is almost as disturbing as bingo the clown-o.... (not quite, but almost...) at least the dead puppy thing is at least somewhat funny, and not entirely disturbing...