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Highlights of the week

OK, so work was extremely stressful all this week, and it hasn't ended for me, but ignoring that, almost every weekday held something very cool for me. Balance of retribution, I guess.

Note: No spoilers are in this post. So there.

Drove from 4:40 until 7:20 or so to get from Sherman Oaks to Anaheim, where I had tickets with some friends to see Star Trek: Nemesis. I already knew part of the ending because a friend had accidentally complained about spoilers in a bad way, not knowing I hadn't yet seen it (still love ya though, sis! :-) )....but really enjoyed the flick. It was an exceptionally good episode of NextGen. Far and away the second best NextGen movie (It's really hard to beat First Contact), both from the standpoint of what they did intentionally, and from all the (un?)intentional references. "Hey, look! There's Return of the Jedi!" "Luke, you are my father?" "One ring to rule them all! Bwahahahaha!" Very fun movie - I recommend it.

Had a couple of friends over to my place. Watched Lilo and Stitch. Stayed up 'till past 2am talking and laughing. It was great.

After only 3 hours of sleep, I had a really bad day. Not terribly unexpected, really. But I dragged myself to MOH rehearsal anyway, and things perked up a little. But there were two things that happened that made Wednesday the highest point of my week, despite everything prior to them.

First: I was filling my water bottle during break and heard Mark Hale, our director and resident barbershopping God (he's the lead of last year's champion quartet, Michigan Jake), talking to Rick Veder (nice guy and tenor in the chorus) about Nemesis. Naturally I'm drawn to the conversation, despite my nerves about making an idiot of myself around Mark (my opinion of him is only slightly inflated - the man is a brilliant director and beautiful singer, and I'm fairly new at the Barbershopping biz). Out of the blue, Mark decides to sing the tag of the song he's about to introduce the chorus to when break's over. He grabs the three nearest guys to him, including Rick and myself, and starts teaching us the tag. The baritone was on his way to do something else, so he disappears on us, and suddenly we're one hand short of a poker game. (That doesn't sound like the analogy I meant. Oh well, I'm tired. Deal. :-) ) At that moment, Pam Pieson (director of this year's 4th place International medalist chorus, Harborlites) walks through the door. She's there to help us learn a different new song, that she's soloing on (so you can imagine the great voice she's got). Mark's eyes light up and he teaches her the bari part. Suddenly I'm singing bass on a tag with two of the people I respect most in the barbershopping world. And let me tell you, even though I messed up on a note or two (and caught up with myself, thank you very much), that lobby came alive with the chords we were making. It was incredible.

Second: This was the last rehearsal we've got until January - we rehearse on Wednesdays, so Christmas and New Year's are both conflicts this time around. So as the rehearsal came to a close, Mark asked how we wanted to end the year. The guys chose to sing a Christmas song - which upset me a little because I didn't learn any of the Chorus's XMas music, as I was in class for most of the rehearsals in that time. But, I didn't have enough time to escape the risers before they started, and once they start, you don't just leave. They sang "Some Children See Him", which is an overly religious but beautiful song featuring Pam soloing. And I found myself in the middle of the bass section's wall of sound. It was so warm, so enveloping, so welcoming, that I just closed my eyes and rode the wave. And was reminded again why I was a part of this hobby. Of how great it is to be a part of that sound, to be a piece of the core that makes it happen. In my own little way, I got a very religious experience out of that.

Two Towers. 'Nuff said? Can't wait to get some time set aside to see it on IMAX..... *g*

This was kind of a winding-down day for me, but it did include getting to see Jen one more time before she flies to Hawaii tomorrow morning. True, the time was also spent with her grandparents who I'm not entirely comfortable with yet, but it was a very good meal and it was spent with her, so that made up for it.

Tomorrow, I've got Weekend Support and a phone call I'm not looking forward to, but I also have the Venice Christmas show! Riki will finally get to see them live, Erik will be there, Jessica and Tiffany are sure to show.... All good things.

Sunday, I'm seeing a play with the folks and then going to the company Christmas celebratory dinner thingy. Oh, and the continuation of Weekend Support.

And that's a week in the life of a Technomonkey.
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