Id (technomonkey) wrote,

Errati - and one more ACR group

Oops. I gave credit for the wrong thing to the wrong people.

Over here, I said that the really impressive drum intro on track one was Boyz Night Out's "Soundcheck." That's not the case. Soundcheck is a great intro and a very fun song (especially on their third CD), but it isn't the great vocal percussion feature I was thinking of. I was thinking of "Hello" - track 1 on the magnets' CD "giving it all that". A very interesting CD, but not one of my favorites. Mostly a cappella R&B. Although they do have their fun with a classic or two - I NEVER expected to hear an a cappella version of Steve Miller Band's "Abracadabra" (Remember it? "I wanna reach out and grab ya") And their version of The Beatles' "She's Not There" is quite, well, funky. As in, full of funk. It's like a modern dance remix but with a little more respect for the original. And Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go For That" is frighteningly similar to the original, aside from the small rap insert in the middle that I don't remember in the Hall & Oates version...

I guess it's got value for being a primarily-R&B-a cappella-CD-with-some-rap-and-such just for the novelty value, or, ya know, if you're actually into that kind of music, but I'm just plain not. A couple tracks worth listening to for me, but a missable package. I'm going through the CD as I'm typing this.....about a quarter to a third of the 14 tracks are fun and worth listening to for me I guess, but most of the other ACR CDs I've got are a much higher percentage....
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