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24 October 2002 @ 12:41 am
Paradise lost. Irony found.  
Microsoft Money is the AOL of the money maintenance world.

That sucker comes with everything. Got a new computer? It's on there. The latest PocketPC? It's preinstalled. Pretty much if there's a Microsoft product out there, MS Money comes with it.

Quicken, on the other hand, is somewhat specialized. There's a PC version, they came out with a Palm version, and there used to be a Windows CE version. WinCE disappeared when PocketPC came on the market, and Intuit decided not to persue that niche.

So if you have a PocketPC and want to maintain your money accounts in the world outside your computer room, your data ought to be in MS Money format.

I finally gave in to this concept yesterday, after being loyal to Quicken since 1988. I decided to try the software. It's Microsoft - what harm can that do, right? I'll still have Quicken on my system - if I decide I don't like MS Money, I'll just uninstall it. (Remember when IE5 first came out? Neither do I, so shhh! Don't remind me!)

Anyway, tonight I went searching.

And couldn't find the damn install CD anywhere.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated