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08 July 2008 @ 09:57 am
Confirmed with NBCE that a letter with my scores was sent to CABCE.

Confirmed with CABCE that the NBCE scores are all they're waiting for before letting me take the jurisprudence/ethics exam - which in turn is the only hurdle left before I get my license.

Jen found a potential office space.  It's wonderful, but has the same problem the last potential office space had:  it's available now.  I am still assuming that I won't be getting my license until early September at the soonest...and at this moment, all my finances between now and the end of the year are essentially tied up in a few important seminars (including the one that will get me NSA Level II Certified, and therefore put me on the reference list).  The good news is that the space is reasonably priced. The bad news is that it's reasonably priced.  I'd kinda prefer it be a little expensive for my competitors while still being within my price range.  =)  Ah well...