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27 March 2008 @ 11:31 pm
It's been quite some time since I've done any updating on here. Guess it's time to change that...

A few things are going on with me. The biggest is (still) that in 22 days I get my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Not that anyone's counting.

I guess #2 on the list is that I'm 31 in about 28 minutes. Nenti - I got your message, it was HUGELY appreciated!!!

After that comes that I'm not home right now - nor will I be for roughly a week and a half. Irene Gold National Boards Review time again. I've spent the last two days going over X-Rays. It's a little odd to be in an X-Ray class and actually learn stuff. Also, the teacher isn't calling the class stupid, which is an interesting change. Anyway, if I'm a little slow in getting back to your e-mails or anything, that's probably why.

National Boards Part IV is in May. Yup, more testing. If everything goes as well as I expect it to, I should have my license Septemberish.

We found a potential location for the office. It's a great location, a great price, about the right size for what I'd want as a startup....and the WRONG timing. It'd be considerably better if I didn't have to put in four months' rent before I'm able to use the space to make an income. But there are a lot of reasons to go for it as well, not the least of which being it really is a great price, and it's worth holding onto it for that alone. Plus, the space is useable -- just not for chiropractic. Or Network Spinal Analysis, as will be the case for me... There's more to say about that, but I think I'll save it for another post.

I'm still working at Dr. Gerckens' office. Not a whole lot to say about that - it's enjoyable, and very little of it will apply to my practice once I'm licensed.

I have no direct access to my money. Through a series of mishaps involving Washington Mutual and a stoopid teller, my ATM cards have been canceled and reordered, and have not yet arrived. As a result, I'm borrowing money from the business account, which is something I swore I wouldn't ever do... and I'm doing it months before the practice even opens. Whee.

Last weekend, Mel came over and she, Jen and I did some impressive stuff with the garage. We completely emptied the thing into the back yard, cleaned up in there (including throwing away what appeared to be a decomposed cat carcass), assembled some shelving, sorted the boxes into piles (primarily "books", "Jen stuff", "Pampered Chef stuff", "crafting stuff", "stuff we'll likely want access to in the nearish future", and "gotta sort through this stuff later"), and putting the piles into the garage in an organized fashion. We disassembled a BUNCH of boxes for recycling, threw away a lot of stuff, and the end result is that the garage isn't NEARLY as scary a place to walk into anymore. Hooray for Spring Cleaning!

My GPS' power cord / traffic sensor is in for repairs. This is an odd inconvenience, since it means the GPS can only be charged through the USB port. Wouldn't matter so much if it weren't also my MP3 player, but as long as I charge the thing daily I seem to be OK.

I appear to be a troublemaker 'cause I want to operate legally within all the rules, and therefore want to know what the rules are. Let me explain: Students are restricted to a maximum of 35 hours (total) of work and/or classes per week. Once I graduate but before I get my own license, the only way I can continue to practice chiropractic is as a postceptor - which basically means I pay for 1 unit of "internship" through the school, and I'm still a student and can therefore practice as one. The biggest difference is that Postceptors can ask for payment. So I asked if Postceptors are also restricted to 35 hours per week, as it affects whether I continue in that capacity or not. (the alternative is to not bother with the school, and get hired as a Chiropractic Assistant, since I don't do anything a CA couldn't do legally anyway) My contact in the Preceptor office asked her superior, who in turn asked his contact to ask the school's Board of Directors. Which is to say that my curiosity may cause a lot of damage to every single person who graduates or has graduated from the school but hasn't yet received their license - our income is limited as it is, and now our hours may be limited as well.

I'm still doing a lot of a cappella concert attending, but the conversion to video thing has to be put on pause for a little bit, as my hard drives are almost all filled to capacity. Since I have one 40GB, one 100GB, one 300GB, two 250GB, one 500GB, and two drives I can't remember the size of off the top of my head, that's saying a lot. I've GOT to process what I've got so I can clear up the space...

...which is something I'll have some time to do between April 7 and graduation. I'm fairly certain that once I sign out for graduation, they won't allow me to work as a preceptorship intern anymore, and I'm not allowed to begin work as a postceptor until after graduation on the 18th. There's a lot to get accomplished between those two dates, but perhaps I'll be able to dedicate some time to projects like a cappella videos and scanning my grandmother's photos. (the latter is a project I've been procrastinating on for over a year, and have GOT to get done with. But now that the tub full of them is out of the garage, that'll probably be easier...)

Anyway, that's probably way more post than I should have typed at this point. I should get to bed - I've gotta get up in less than six hours so I can spend eight more hours studying X-Ray and hopefully remaining conscious for the whole thing. I hope to be able to post more interesting stuff soon.....
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